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Why Are Electric Smokers Better Than Charcoal?

Food, our primary need, has gone through a drastic change over time. There was a time when eating was done for a living, just for living. But now, the ‘taste’ has made food look like how it is today. So many dishes, so many flavors, and so many cooking techniques! With such a wide range and variety of food and its making, it’s easy to be the culinary king, at least at one’s home! Electric smokers are also a part of modern cooking. But, it’s often compared and proved inferior with the charcoal. Yes, charcoal, the old way to smoke your meat. No doubt, it yields great taste, but electric smokers are no less. There are many points to consider before arriving at any conclusion.
Let’s have a look.

1. How big are they?

First of all, you decide, do you want to spend all day cooking outdoor? Charcoal would make you do that because of its significant size, constant air requirement, and space needed for all its assets. But electric smokers acquire very less space in comparison to the charcoal. Its heat is monitored by electronic devices, so not so much need for air. Its heating element wants so less space than the wood and other things in charcoal to do. Moreover, the cook needs further space for maneuvering the wood for smoke. And all this can never be done indoor. That’s why, for indoor smoking of meat without any hassle, Bradley electric smokers are far better than charcoal. They are already small in size and don’t need any more space for their connecting parts.

2. Their fuel consumption and working.

Charcoal smokers work on wood and your cooking style. While electric smokers are known as ‘cold smokers’ because of their maximum temperature being around 350 degree Celsius, charcoal doesn’t stand at a constant heat and need a patient cook. One has been accessible throughout the cooking procedure with the charcoal to get the required result. Whereas, the electric provides you with much ease as it is automated. With an electric smoker, there are no logs to split, no fuel to stress about.

3. Your time and effort.

If you are free enough to sit freely all day and cook your food over charcoal with constant stirring of logs and to maintain the temperature, then go for the Weber Performer Premium Charcoal Grill. Otherwise, there is practically no reason to use coal in your busy schedule. Not only that, the ash it will produce and the dirt that will stick to your hands, is not a thing to ignore. The amount of effort you’ll put into your cooking, same is a number of after-cooking chores with charcoal. On the other hand, an electric smoker will give you ample time to complete your other pending works while it will work over your meat by itself.

4. Popularity

Charcoal being the conventional source of smoking is practiced by many people. But as the new technology comes every day with easy accessibility to everyone, people are more happy with electric smokers as they are easy to use, and cheap too. One can get a basic model at around $100, making it the first choice for many apartment dwellers.

So, what’s our conclusion? Having seen so many advantageous points of electric smokers over charcoals, we’re in no doubt that electric smokers are better when it comes to natural and safe cooking and that too, indoors.
So, what are you waiting for? Go and grab one electric smoker for yourself and enjoy your culinary art!

How to Use an A-Maze-N Pellet Smoker to Its Fullest

Take your A-maze-n pellet smoker tray out and in it put 1lb of your wood pellets, if you wish to go for less time then only fill the first 2 rows but if you wish to use it for 10 – 12 hours then fill all 3.
Christmas surprise people – no more babysitting, yes you heard me right with AMNPS you don’t have to babysit your smoker. You’re free to go and enjoy your freedom.

All you have to do with AMNPS is play your favorite button game, set the temperature and go enjoy.

The above-mentioned point has something else also, see if you have an electric smoker with a Bluetooth or a remote you would feel like a free bird.

All you need to do is use your Traeger Pellet Grill smoker tray, put pellets on it, set the temperature and leave.
For the beginning set the temperature at 220 degrees.

It’s time you light your AMNPS, use propane lighter or if you wish to use a butane you can. light only one side, ever tried a cigar? If yes then blow it the way you blow your cigar and once you feel that it’s lit properly then just blow on it. I’m not a mad person I m asking you to blow on it to see if it’s properly lit. see if it’s lit properly it would ignite into the fire, if not you need to lit it again, lighting it properly is very important.

Do use a glove while lighting it as the tray would get hot and you would get harmed.

It’s time you put your AMNPS anywhere in the smoker (the bottom part).

On the above shelf put some foil so that the drippings of the meat don’t fall on the hot pellets.

Do remove the chip tube, allows air in.

Once you remove the chip tube your pellets would light for enough time and you would get the perfect amount of smoke required.

If you want more of the smoke then you can have but I would recommend you to be happy with what you have got because if you would get more of it then it would turn a bit nasty.

Things that you need to keep in your mind –

  • Don’t forget the foil or else all of the dripping would directly hit the hot pellets and later on, you would complain that the pellets you used were not of good quality or you would say you have been cheated on.
  • Never ever forget about removing the chip tube, removing it is very important as for smoke you need enough of the smoke and if you don’t get enough of the smoke you simply don’t get the amount of smoke you desire for.
  • If you keep certain things in your mind before using your smokers you end up smiling and I believe that’s the best thing, isn’t it? What the use of working very hard and getting no results or getting bad results. Before doing anything in life do the planning think about the do’s and don’ts.

What All Goes along with Beer

Beat the summer with chilled beer. No doubt! He was a wise man who invented beer. Drinking beer isn’t always an unhealthy option. Beer helps in decreasing the chances of heart attacks. It protects your bones. It helps to prevent chances of kidney stones. But all that concerns people is, what actually goes along with beer?. For all you fitness freaks out there, here is a list of perfect food to compliment your beer in a healthy way.

When pairing food and beer, it all comes down to matching the food’s taste to the flavors of the beer.

1. Beans And Legumes

Fava Beans, lentils and many more legumes add richness to the taste of the beer. Beans And legumes go perfectly with malty and sweet flavored beer. Beans And legumes balance salt and acidity. Have grilled halibut with pole beans. Check out this awesome beans and legumes recipe as well!

2. Shellfish

Mussels with garlic, Parsley, and Butter with a fruity and spicy flavor of the beer. Beer brings out salinity and natural sweetness while cleansing the palate.

3. Grains

Creamy Risotto goes with clean and crisp kind of beer. Risottos are delicious. Add lemon to Risotto, it will add complexity to the slightly tart flavor.

4. Cheese

Just like beer, cheese has a myriad of flavors. Some are stronger than others. So, with a fruited beer try to have light cheese such as Roquefort.

5. Grilled Vegetables

Carrots, onions, mushrooms with a Dark and Roasty flavor of beer balances the sweetness and richness. Germans have a tradition to have grilled vegetables with beer. This is really a terrific idea.

6. Pork

The intensity of pork can stand up to strong beer characteristics. Moreover, Beer lowers the level of carcinogens in grilled pork. Science, beer and grilled pork all come together in one wonderful result! Pork lovers should eat pork in the combination of Hoppy and Bitter flavor of the beer.

7. Braised Meats And Chocolates

With fruity and sweet beers, try to have Dark and Bitter chocolate. And with Bitter flavored beer, try to have sweet chocolates to balance the taste.
Braising of meats is essential because less tender meats have greater amounts of the carcinogen than tender ones.

8. Rich Meats And Root Vegetables

Parsnip, carrots, Beef strip loin, lamb go well with Sour, tart and funky beers like American Brett or Belgian-Style Flanders. Combining these flavors adds earthy notes that rest on the center of the palate.

9. Chips And Dips

Chips and Dips with beet is a sure shot combination and will need nothing more than a few packets of salted chips and a few dips. These bite-sized mini yummies beg to be washed down with a bottle of beer.

10. Chicken Wings

Allow tangy and tender chicken bites to mesmerize your taste buds. The classic combination of chicken wings and beer can make no mistake.

11. Salted Nuts

Salted peanuts are the original snacks to go with your beer. There is an exquisite variety of salted cashews, almonds, pistachios and macadamia that compliments your beer.

Now grab the different food with different flavors of beer and enjoy!

10 Bar Rules You Must Follow!

Bars are the places where everyone hangs out and where friends are made. Bars are built with rules that cause no problems for the desired crowd, but a lot of problems for undesirables. It is important to remember our manners at a bar, just as we would at any social establishment. Here are 10 rules you should know about being a good bar patron.

1. Do Not Mistreat Anyone, especially bartender

First, people assume that the bartenders aren’t on their level. But on the contrary, the bartenders are smart individuals who know about mixing drinks better than you do. Wait for your turn like everybody else and be polite. There is no better way to get a good drink than being the nice person in a sea of jackasses.

2. Drink Responsibly.

When they check your ID, they expect that your legal age means you can drink responsibly. Of course, they are constantly proven wrong. Know how to enjoy alcohol instead of letting alcohol take control of you. So, know your limits and drink accordingly.

3. Do Not Beg For More Drinks If You Are Cut Off.

Being cut off doesn’t mean they want you to immediately leave the bar. But, they would rather give you some water, maybe some coffee to help you get sober before you leave. But please, don’t beg for more drinks.

4. Never, Ever Ask For Free Drinks.

While many experienced patrons, with the right combination of frequency and tips have got a round on the house, these are not the favours that should ever be asked. The bartender is not running a local alcohol donation center, so pay for what you drink.

5. Know What You Want.

Be ready with your order as soon as you get the bartender’s attention. Don’t just stand there and ask the bartender to wait. Nobody has got time to wait for your order.

6. Know What Kind Of Bar You Are At

If you are looking to sit at the bar and have a conversation with your buddies, don’t go to a popular bar on a Friday night. Order your drinks appropriately and in accordance with the bar you are at.

7. One Tab Per Night.

Keep your tab open until you are absolutely sure that you are done, and then close it all at once. If you are with a group of friends, figure out who is paying and work the rest out between yourselves. The bartender doesn’t want to use five credit cards to close out a $30 tab.

8. Don’t Ask To “Make It Strong”

The bartender knows what he/she is doing and so does the bar manager who creates the drinks. If you aren’t willing to pay for the extra few ml pour, please don’t ask for it.

9. Don’t Steal Garnishes.

If your drink doesn’t have enough lime juice, just ask the bartender for some more. If you are hungry, politely request for some snacks. A bartender might not say anything if you help yourself, but he or she won’t be happy with you.

10. And For Heaven’s Sake, Tip Well.

This is by far the most important rule on this list. Always tip at least $1 per drink. Even if the bartender just cracked open a beer for you, you still owe him a $1 tip. For more complicated drinks or a tab, it is recommended to tip at least 20 percent of the bill.

Grab a drink and keep your head and standards high.

Here Come New Ideas for Barbecue Seasoning!

In the United States, barbecues initially involved the cooking of pork. Today, every state in the United States has its version of barbecues – it is used for beef at some places, for mutton at other, and for pork at yet other places. Barbecue techniques are used for smoking, roasting and even braising meat. Whatever be the purpose of barbecue, it would lack depth without seasoning. Seasoning can be a discreet entity when it comes to barbecue, and it is evolving with every passing moment which ensures a flood of ideas. Here, in this particular article, we would primarily focus on new generic ideas for barbecue seasoning.

1. All-Purpose Barbecue Seasoning

All purpose seasoning is an amazing basic seasoning that can be used for any food. It is considered as an adaptable seasoning since it can be used as a base seasoning for building your own eponymous or signature seasonings on. There are dozens of it available in stores. This seasoning idea finds salvation everywhere.

2. Simple Barbecue Spice Rub

Barbecue seasoning is also denominated as barbecue rub. Some things are beautiful when they are simple. Similarly, a simple barbecue rub is a great idea when it comes to the scarcity of available bases. Simple seasonings can be carved out of spices available at hand, such as your home food arsenal – brown sugar, paprika, black pepper, salt, chili powder, garlic powder, onion powder, cayenne pepper. An articulate and deliberate mixture of such spices can be used as a simple, everyday seasoning. This mix can be stored in air-tight containers or sealed in packages and refrigerated for preservation.

3. Classic Barbecue Rub

Certain classic spices can be used to create a seasoning mix that is widely suitable for barbecues. Elizabeth Karmel’s website www.girlsatthegrill.comis deluged with such seasoning recipes. Such seasonings, as the name suggests, consist of classic barbecue ingredients and flavors such as salt, spice, sweet and smoky. These seasonings are considered well compatible with ribs and work remarkably good with pork, chicken, tenderloin and even catfish.

4. Salt-free seasonings

Salt free seasoning is a great idea when we consider a salt free diet. Surprisingly, there is more than fifty salt-free barbecue rubs available online. This particular rub is also appropriate as a base seasoning. Sugar-free rubs are also available. In fact, it is possible to have a seasoning that is free of certain minerals too.

5. Barbecue Specific Seasoning

We have discussed quite a few basic seasonings, now under this heading, barbecue-specific seasoning would be discussed. Barbecue specific seasonings are specifically handcrafted for a target food such as chicken and seafood. Target specific seasoning ensures that its base food material tastes just as it should. It comprises of special spice blends that significantly enhance the flavor of your barbecue. Such a one can be grabbed in stores for about $7. Apart from providing a specific taste, such seasonings save hours of labor required to prepare rubs.

6. Create your signature seasoning

Sometimes one might consider starting from scratch. No matter how much universal a base rub can be, there will be certain incompatibilities with the final seasoning. This can be minimized by creating your signature seasoning from scratch. If you have an understanding of blending spices, it is highly recommended to build an idea rather than building on others’.

As mentioned before, seasoning ideas are unending because there are innumerable signature rubs available. Nevertheless, the listed ideas are a generic form of those rub recipes. When you have read this article, there is no point in waiting. Your barbecue grill is waiting for you, it’s been long deprived of company. Bend its way and cook your way to perfection!