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How To Control A Bar Fight

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Bar fights happen very quickly and are usually over within 5-10 seconds. The first person to get hit usually goes down in one punch if he is drunk and just like that, it’s over. If the fight goes longer than 5-10 seconds, it is turning into melee and you CANNOT stop that. The key is to get ahead of the curve and keep the fight from happening at all. When you’re on the verge of an alcohol-fueled fight, remember one thing: People don’t like to fight; people like to beat people up. Fights present major problems for bars and nightclubs. They open the establishment up to lawsuits, they make the customers feel unsafe and less likely to return, they increase the likelihood of police involvement, and they bring a bad name to the establishment. No one wants to go to a bar where fights break out often and patrons are in constant risk of injury. Here is a list of few ways to control a bar fight :


1). Monitor the Room :

It may seem obvious, but it is shocking how often bouncers do not monitor the patron behavior. Too often, once someone is let inside, no one pays any attention to their behaviour until they cause a problem. As soon as a bouncer spots a potential problem, they should make their presence known to the patron causing the problem and communicate with them in a calm and cool manner. If the patron reacts violently, they should be removed from the bar to prevent any chance of a fight. In addition to this, bouncers should reduce the potential for a problem to arise by managing space, moving the patrons apart when needed, and constantly looking for signs of a potential fight.

2). Communicate With The Staff :

Servers and Bartenders constantly interact with customers and more often than not, they can quickly identify llikelihood of a potential fight or altercation. But, many a times they keep their mouths shut and assume that the bouncer will take care of it. Make sure that your entire staff is informing your security staff about the potential fights. This is an effective as well as an efficient way to prevent the fights from happening at the first place.

3). Stop A Fight Before It Starts :


      Always stay calm. Let your cadence and body language lessen the tension. Never make assumptions. You’re dealing with drunk alcoholics who have nothing better to do than act like jackasses. So be ready for the worst. If two drinkers start arguing or fighting each other, stand directly between them. If you must, push them apart but don’t repress. Direct your attention to the more aggressive patron. Shift his focus from the other fighter to yourself. While you’re talking to him, have someone remove the less aggressive patron. Once they are out of each other’s sight, the fight will be over before it even started.


Remember, that no man can think clearly when his fists are clenched. So keep your calm and follow these rules to control and prevent a bar fight.

How To Host A Game Night

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Board games and other party games are a great way for people to get to know each other  because they don’t require people to come up with small talk. A wellplanned game night will keep everyone laughing and having fun. It’s a social highlight that provides great social interaction, a fun evening with friends and some great thought provoking gameplay. Here are a few thumb rules to make sure that the party runs smoothly and everyone has a good time.

1). Potluck party

      A game night is actually just a potluck dinner party with games as entertainment where each guest brings one dish to share, and you end up with a feast. The key is social interaction among the guests, as it would be with any dinner party with friends.


2). Invitations

When you are inviting people, explain the purpose of the evening. Don’t just focus on the social aspects of the evening like the dinner and the conversation. Simply state that you’ll be playing a few games and you’ll be happy to teach them if they come. Use websites like Evite, which makes it easier to send multiple group invites and allows you to create a list of things people can sign uo to bring.

3). Setting Up The Space

      Rearrange your furniture accordingly and bring in dining room chairs to fill out a circle of seating. And make sure there are enough seats for everyone and no one is left to stand out. One of the main ingredients for a successful and entertaining game night ( aside from booze and food) is music. Pick the appropriate music, have a playlist made that compliments the theme of your game night. Make sure it has at least 3 hours of continuous music queued up so that you do not have to scramble for new music midway through the evening.

4). The Food

Keep it simple. Don’t cook if you don’t have to. Stick to aappetizers and easy to eat finger foods or ‘food on a stick’. A cereal buffet or a candy bar would delight more than a few. Don’t hesitate to play with food presentation in creative ways like using playing cards to label treats. Keep food and beverages on a side table which makes it easier for the people to have food and drinks without risking the game components to be damaged.

5). Games

Pick games ahead of time. There are a large number of games out there, but not all of them are suitable for large groups. Some people rule at board games and others dominate card games. Give everyone a chance to enjoy the winners circle by including a combination of various interactive games. You may also encourage the guests to bring their own favourite games. Games that work well are ones that can be played by a large number of people, can be underston by a newbie in under ten minutes, and do not require sharing personal information with people you’ve just met.


Prepare the food, decorate the house, invite your friends. Turn up the music, sit down and enjoy, ’cause IT IS GAME NIGHT !

Vaccum Cleaners – A must have for Bar.

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Bar is a place where people hang out with their buddies and chill up. It is a crowded place that must have vaccum cleaner for the cleanliness.

Choosing Vaccum cleaner for the bar.

For choosing the right kind if vaccum cleaner for the bar, firstly, we should check for suction power of the vaccum cleaner. The stronger is the suction power, the more stronger it sucks up all the dust and dirt.


Bars need to look clean to attract people.

They should be compact and lightweight – they are simple and light in weight to transport and consumes less electricity

We should check longevity – A vaccum cleaner must have longevity of 20 years.

People drink, dance and have fun in the bar. The cleanliness of surroundings is the first thing that cause a great impact on humans. Having a vaccum cleaner at the bar will serve this purpose.

The dirt and dust in the bar should be eradicated from the every corner and for that bars must have vaccum Cleaners


Maintenance of vaccum cleaner

To buy something is not enough. But maintainance of that thing for longer years is most important.

Here are six tips to maintain the vaccum cleaner

  1. Replace the Bag Regularly – The bag inside a vacuum cleaner can provide you with a number of cues for action. For example, a vacuum cleaner that fails to collect debris may signify the need to change the bag, but changing the bag regularly poses other benefits: if you’re willing to spend a little extra money on replacing bags more regularly, then your cleaner is more likely to work more efficiently, as even a partially full bag can hinder cleaning performance.

So, if the bag is ⅓-½ full, it’s worth replacing it for the sake of superior performance. Furthermore, if your particular model does not use bags to collect debris, be sure to empty the tray as regularly as possible.

  1. Make Sure the Bag is Properly Attached.
  2. Use Empty Bagless models
  3. Clean the Brush Roll – Remove the protective plate above the brush roll and remove it

Use your fingers to dislodge any easy-to-remove debris

Stubborn dirt, such as hair, may best be removed with a small pair of scissors

Check the bearings on the brush roll, and remove any debris that’s visible

Lubricate each bearing if necessary

  1. Check the belt – The belt is located near the brush roll, and should be tightly wound around the head of the vacuum. If not, it may need replacing. This may also be the case if it shows obvious signs of wear and tear, or has shifted from its original position. On average, vacuum belts should be replaced around once a year.
  2. Check the filter regularly – If the air passageways and filters are blocked with debris, they won’t allow the vacuum to work effectively. A small brush can be used to clean them out with relative ease, and will make all the difference to its efficiency. vacuum-cleaner

Importance of vaccum Cleaners at bar

People dance and eat in the bar. People jumping on the dance floor with dusty shoes, will litter the bar. And food on the floor looks very untidy. Vaccum Cleaners is a die need in the bar to suck up all the dirt from the floor. In addition, you can spread some cleansing agent on the floor. It will enhance the look of bar.

It is rightly said cleanliness is godliness.




Here Come New Ideas for Barbecue Seasoning

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In the United States, barbecues initially involved the cooking of pork. Today, every state in the United States has its version of barbecues – it is used for beef at some places, for mutton at other, and for pork at yet other places. Barbecue techniques are used for smoking, roasting and even braising meat. Whatever be the purpose of barbecue, it would lack depth without seasoning. Seasoning can be a discreet entity when it comes to barbecue, and it is evolving with every passing moment which ensures a flood of ideas. Here, in this particular article, we would primarily focus on new generic ideas for barbecue seasoning.

  1. All-Purpose Barbecue Seasoning

All purpose seasoning is an amazing basic seasoning that can be used for any food. It is considered as an adaptable seasoning since it can be used as a base seasoning for building your own eponymous or signature seasonings on. There are dozens of it available in stores. This seasoning idea finds salvation everywhere.

  1. Simple Barbecue Spice Rub

Barbecue seasoning is also denominated as barbecue rub. Some things are beautiful when they are simple. Similarly, a simple barbecue rub is a great idea when it comes to thescarcity of available bases. Simple seasonings can be carved out of spices available at hand, such as your home food arsenal – brown sugar, paprika, black pepper, salt, chili powder, garlic powder, onion powder, cayenne pepper. An articulate and adeliberate mixture of such spices can be used as a simple, everyday seasoning. This mix can be stored in air-tight containers or sealed in packages and refrigerated for preservation.


  1. Classic Barbecue Rub

Certainclassic spices can be used to create a seasoning mix that is widely suitable for barbecues. Elizabeth Karmel’s website www.girlsatthegrill.comis deluged with such seasoning recipes. Such seasonings, as the name suggests, consist of classic barbecue ingredients and flavors such as salt, spice, sweet and smoky. These seasonings are considered well compatible with ribs and work remarkably good with pork, chicken, tenderloin and even catfish.

  1. Salt-free seasonings

Salt free seasoning is a great idea when we consider a salt free diet. Surprisingly, there are more than fifty salt-free barbecue rubs available online. This particular rub is also appropriate as a base seasoning. Sugar-free rubs are also available. In fact, it is possible to have a seasoning that is free of certain minerals too.

  1. Barbecue Specific Seasoning

We have discussed quite a few basic seasonings, now under this heading, barbecue-specific seasoning would be discussed. Barbecue specific seasonings are specifically handcrafted for a target food such as chicken and seafood. Target specific seasoning ensures that its base food material tastes just as it should. It comprises of special spice blends that significantly enhance the flavor of your barbecue. Such a one can be grabbed in stores for about $7. Apart from providing a specific taste, such seasonings save hours of labor required to prepare rubs.

  1. Create your signature seasoning

Sometimes one might consider starting from scratch. No matter how much universal a base rub can be, there will be certain incompatibilities with the final seasoning. This canbe minimized by creating your signature seasoning from scratch. If you have an understanding of blending spices, it is highly recommended to build an idea rather than building on others’.


As mentioned before, seasoning ideas are unending because there are innumerable signature rubs available. Nevertheless, the listed ideas are a generic form of those rub recipes. When you have read this article, there is no point in waiting. Your barbecue grill is waiting for you, been long deprived of company. Beon its side and cook your way to perfection!

How To Order Drinks Like A Pro.

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Bars can be intimidating places for initial drinkers. Ordering drinks at a bar must seem like easiest thing in the world. You walk up to the bar and the bartender asks you what you would like to drink. Suddenly, all confidence fails you. You are faced with a wide variety of drinks with strange names and questions from the bartender. You stop for a second, trying to keep yourself calm, while thinking of some smooth way to order a drink like sophisticated drinker. So, here is a guide that would help you order your drinks like a pro.

  1. Know The Basic Terminology.

    A bar is a place with its own terminology and language.Getting to know the language is the first step in building your confidence. Here are a few terms you should know :

  1. a) Neat : A drink that would be poured from the bottle into a glass and served at room temperature with no ice, water, or mixtures added. drink
  2. b) On The Rocks : It refers to the liquor poured over ice cubes; for example, ‘Margarita on the rocks’.
  3. c) Straight Up : If you order a drink ‘straight Up’, the ice will be strained out of a drink and the cocktail poured into a stemmed glass.
  4. d) Dirty : A Dirty drink is one that has some added ingredients in it to change its colour and taste. A Dirty Martini for instance contains olive juice.
  5. e) With A Twist : It signals the bartender to add a twist of lemon or lime to the cocktail.
  6. Know What Kind Of Bar You Are At.

     Is it a Talk Bar, where you can sit down and have a conversation while ordering drinks? Or is it a Shout Bar, where the place is crowded with high volume of music and you have to Shout your order to the bartender?

  1. Be Specific

    Unless you specify a particular brand of liquor, your bartender will most likely use Well alcohol, which is the default liquor and the cheapest brand available. If you would like to have a particular brand of alcohol, you should ask the bartender for that specific brand. This is known as a Call drink.

  1. Order Your Liquor The Right Way.

     When ordering, you should always specify your alcohol first and your mixer second. For instance, you should never ask the bartender for a Coke and Rum, but always ask for a Rum and Coke.


  1. Tip generously.

    Tip the bartender atleast a dollar. If you’re at a high volume bar, tipping a dollar per drink is the way to go. But if you’re at a more upscale bar, you should tip 20 percent if you receive good service.

Ordering drinks at a bar doesn’t have to be a long and complicated affair. By using the above tips you can order your drinks with confidence everytime. And not only you have to learn how to do it right, you have to learn how to do it right while drunk!

So go and grab a drink because no great story ever started with a salad.


What All Goes Along With Beer.

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Beat the summer with chilled beer. No doubt ! He was a wise man who invented beer. Drinking beer isn’t always an unhealthy option. Beer helps in decreasing the chances of heart attacks. It protects your bones. It helps to prevent chances of kidney stones. But all that concerns people is, what actually goes along with beer?. For all you fitness freaks out there, here is a list of perfect food to compliment your beer in a healthy way.

When pairing food and beer, it all comes down to matching the food’s taste to the flavors of beer.


  1. Beans And Legumes

     Fava Beans, lentils and many more legumes add richness to the taste of the beer. Beans And legumes go perfectly with malty and sweet flavoured beer. Beans And legumes balances salt and acidity. Have grilled halibut with pole beans.

  1. Shellfish

     Mussels with garlic, Parsely and Butter with fruity and spicy flavour of beer. Beer brings out salinity and natural sweetness while cleansing the palate.

  1. Grains

     Creamy Risotto goes with clean and crisp kind of beer. Risottes are delicious. Add lemon to Risotto, it will add complexity with slightly tart flavour.

  1. Cheese

Just like beer, cheese has a myriad of flavours. Some are stronger than others. So, with a fruited beer try to have light cheese such as Roquefort.

  1. Grilled Vegetables

     Carrots, onions, mushrooms with Dark and Roasty flavour of beer balances the sweetness and richness. Germans have a tradition to have grilled vegetables with beer. This is really a terrific idea.

  1. Pork

    The intensity of pork can stand up to a strong beer characteristics. Moreover, Beer lowers the level of carcinogens in grilled pork. Science, beer and grilled pork all come together in one wonderful result ! Pork lovers should eat pork in the combination of Hoppy and Bitter flavour of beer.

  1. Braised Meats And Chocolates

    With fruity and sweet beers, try to have Dark and Bitter chocolate. And with Bitter flavoured beer, try to have sweet chocolates to balance the taste.

Braising of meats is essential because less tender meats have greater amounts of carcinogen than tender ones.

  1. Rich Meats And Root Vegetables

    Parsnip, carrots, Beef strip loin, lamb go well with Sour, tart and funky beers like American Brett or Belgian-Style Flanders. Combining these flavours adds earthy notes that rest on the center of the palate.


  1. Chips And Dips

     Chips and Dips with beet is a sure shot combination and will need nothing more than a few packets of salted chips and a few dips. These bite-sized mini yummies beg to be washed down with a bottle of beer.

  1. Chicken Wings

       Allow tangy and tender chicken bites to mesmerize your taste buds. The classic combination of chicken wings and beer can make no mistake.

  1. Salted Nuts

       Salted peanuts are the original snacks to go with your beer. There is an exquisite variety of salted cashews, almonds, pistachios and macadamia that compliments your beer.

Now grab the different food with different flavours of beer and Enjoy.

How to make a medium cheese pizza in under fifteen minutes.

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There is no better feeling in the world than a warm pizza full of cheese in your hands. All the fitness freaks out there, this article is basically for you guys as it will teach you to prepare homemaid pizza that are healthy and can be prepared in under fifteen minutes.

The quick and easy pizza dough is perfect when you are in hurry and want to eat something delicious. Almost everyone love pizza but what we don’t love however, is waiting.


If you want to make pizza base at home.

With pizza dough this fast and easy, you’ll be able to whip up homemade pizzas anytime, even if pizza base is unavailable. So, don’t worry eat the delicious made by you.

This is a great recipe when you don’t want to wait for the dough to rise. You just mix it and allow it to stay for three to five minutes and then it’s ready for further process!! It yields a soft, chewy crust. For a real treat, I suggest you to use bread strew and scorch it on a pizza stone, but all-purpose flour works well too. Enjoy!



  1. 1 package yeast
  2. 1 teaspoon sugar
  3. 1 cup of warm water
  4. 2 and half cups of bread flour
  5. 2 tablespoon of olive oil
  6. 1 teaspoon salt
  7. Crushed tomato, chopped onions and chopped capsicum
  8. Corns
  9. mozzarella cheese


  1. Preheat the oven to 450 degrees F. In a small bowl, dissolve yeast and sugar in warm water. Let stand until creamy.
  2. Stir in flour, salt and oil. Beat until smooth. Let rest for three minutes.
  3. Turn out the dough onto a flat surface and roll it into a round shape. Transfer crust to a lightly greased pizza pan or baker’s peel filled with buckwheat. Spread with desired toppings and bake in preheated oven for 11 minutes , or until golden brown.

Serve the delicious pizza.

Aluminum foil can be used to keep food moist, cook it evenly, and make clean-up easier.

Dough can be made at home as in above recipe but if you are not willing to prepare it, you can buy a pizza base and prepare a delicious and mouth watering pizza in about fifteen minutes.



  1. A medium sized pizza base
  2. Mozzarella cheese
  3. Chopped capsicum, tomatoes and onions
  4. Corns according to your taste
  5. Optional – Fried boneless chicken


  1. Preheat the microwave at 230 degree Celsius.
  2. Spread cheese on the base and then, put all the toppings on pizza base.
  3. Keep this pizza base in the microwave for about 12 minutes. pizza-2

Note : It all depends on what you have got in your closet, so this is where you can be creative and add whatever toppings you have. You can add slices of chicken or meat or beef or turkey on it according to your taste.

Eat and Enjoy he tasty pizza made by you.

Why Conventional Pressure Cookers are better than Electric Cooker even now.

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Cooking with a pressure cooker results in healthier and delicious food prepared in less duration and with less energy by utilizing an efficient, versatile, safe, and easy-to-use kitchen accessory. Pressure cooking helps to retain the quality of the foods you cook by preparing them quickly and with very little water needed.  Vegetables remain crisp, colorful and retain the texture and flavor that make them so delicious in the first place.

  1. Cost

If you use an electric cooker, you’ll use fewer units of energy but, because gas is cheaper than electricity per unit, this will end up costing you more. Gas is cheaper than electricity, so you’re likely to save yourself a little money if you cook with conventional gas cooker.

  1. Good hobs

Gas hobs offer instant and controllable heat that tends to spread evenly across the base of a pan. If your pan is bigger than the hob ring, it will take less time to heat up with gas than with electricity.

  1. Efficiency of Conventional Pressure Cookers

Faster cooking means less use of energy. Less energy use leads to less money spent and less impact whenever you use one.  Think roasted chicken to be prepared in 30 minutes, or beef stew in 15 minutes.


  1. Conventional Pressure Cookers are more safe

Modern pressure cookers are 100% safe. A quality stainless-steel pressure cooker is safe, requires less maintenance and can last for a lifetime.

  1. Conventional Pressure Cookers are versatile.

From a dutch oven to a steamer, from a sauce pan to a baking pan, a conventional pressure cooker is a multi-purpose pot.

Disadvantages of Electric Cookers

  1. Inoperable During Power Outages

An electric stove requires electricity to operate, you cannot cook on your stove if there is a power cut in your neighborhood because of a storm or rain, you must find an alternative method of cooking. But you can still use a conventional pressure cookers during a power outage, so you don’t have to worry about finding another way to cook your meals.

  1. Uneven Temperature

The most common complaint about electric cookers is that they do not distribute temperature evenly. In particular, an electric stove that has uneven coils can provide uneven temperature across the surface. Cooking results are usually affected because food could burn in some areas and remain undercooked in others due to uneven and inconsistent temperature. A gas stove typically produces more even temperatures across its burners.

  1. Longer Heating Time

Cooking in electric cooker usually take longer to heat than those on a gas cooker. With a gas stove, flame appears and burners become hot enough for cooking very quickly. But, an electric stove doesn’t require direct flames so the heat builds more gradually. As a result, there is a longer cooking time with an electric stove as you have to wait for the burners to reach the right temperature.


  1. Operating Costs

While an electric cooker is typically less expensive than a gas model, but operating costs are usually higher. As a result, you can expect higher utility bills with an electric cooker.

So to conclude, despite of popularity of electric cookers, Conventional Cookers are better to use.


Football v/s Soccer – A Sports Bar Owner’s Perspective

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Millions of passionate fans follow two ball sports, one which is loved by Americans and the other loved by the world. Football versus Soccer – it’s the eternal debate. Globally, no sport has a fan following like soccer. Nationally, no sport attracts the fans like football. Both sports have a set of rules that require the attacking teams to move in a coordinated manner down the field in an attempt to score. One sport involves hard hits, and the other features constant free-flowing action. Soccer is a gentleman’s game while football is a brutal game. Indeed, soccer is merely a contact sport, while Football is a collision sport which becomes genuinely violent at times. Just like the different perspective of the two games, fans too have different levels of enthusiasm towards these games. You’ll have to decide for yourself which one is better. You may love both football and soccer for their very unique and powerful gameplay.


1). Fitness

      Soccer requires a great amount of muscular endurance, as players have to engage in 90 minutes of running, jogging, striding and sprinting. American football requires tremendous explosive strength every few seconds as a play is call and initiated. The running back, cornerbacks, and wide receivers require overall fitness level to that of a soccer player. In soccer, obese players such as football linemen have no place in the team.

2). Strength

Offensive and defensive line players in football typically weigh around 300 lbs. A typical offensive tackle weighs 318 lbs., which is the heaviest position. A tremendous might and force is required for this collision sport, whereas soccer is just a contact sport which emphasizes more on fitness than strength. Soccer is a very democratic sport that has never favored players with a particular physical attributes. Though soccer may appear the more graceful sport, soccer has borrowed many agility drills from American football.

3). Complexity

Soccer requires just a ball and a wide area, along with linemen, a jersey and studs for league play. On the other hand, Football demands extensive training equipment including helmets and pads, as well as sleds and other blocking equipments for practice and official play. The simplicity of soccer is the main reason for it gaining popularity from Europe to Asia and Africa. Soccer’s plays are largely limited to set pieces such as free kicks and corner kicks, and soccer’s rulebook is way more aerodynamic. Coaches have more of an effect on the dynamic decisions in football field, while soccer players need to make good judgments on their own throughout the 90 minutes play based on coaching and practice provided to them.

4). Participation

      FIFA, the international governing body of soccer, counted that there are 265 million active players worldwide in 2006. American football has close to about 4 million youth players and 1,700 professionals in the National Football League. The simplicity of soccer makes the sport playable worldwide in the poorest of neighborhoods – The Brazalian legend, Pele, played with the balls made of old clothes and rags as a child.

The better game, football or soccer, is just a matter of opinion and depends on your personal choice. As much as we enjoy watching Leo Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo score awesome goals, we can’t imagine a year without Tom Brady throwing the ball to Jordy Nelson or Gronkowski.