Kurten: Nadal surpassed a lot of impossibilities or could win 15 French Open titles

Kurten: Nadal surpassed a lot of impossibilities or could win 15 French Open titles

Last Sunday, the Spanish king lifted the 13th French Open trophy of his career at Roland Garros and the 20th Grand Slam title trophy of his career, equaling the Record of 20 Grand Slam trophies of the Swiss King Federer.


In a post-match press conference, Nadal admitted he may end his 2020 season early and start his 2021 season at the beginning of next season.

Recently, three-time French Open champion and Brazilian tennis player Kurten also talked about Nadal's victory. He said: "Fantastic, (Nadal) is becoming more and more admirable, he transcends a lot of the impossible. It looks like the 14th (French Open title) is just around the corner and he has a good chance of taking the 15th. ”

Kurten was then asked what his match against Nadal would be like, and the Brazilian said: "If my body could let me play for a few more years, I think it would be a sensational game." Nadal is great and he finds the right moment for every shot. ”

Nadal also spoke about his victory in Paris in a recent interview, saying: "I am personally very happy with the arrangement of our schedule. It's just that this time I feel more depressed than usual, but this is a common feeling all over the world. Our situation now may be a little bit worse because you can't get out of what's happening in the world right now. We've had a lot of other epidemics in the past, but we haven't experienced one in recent history. Still, even so, I've always focused on tennis and given myself the necessary attitude when needed, which is the thing I'm most satisfied with in this whole tournament.