Zverev's Experience, Techniques and Tactics Are All-Round Down To make a bigger breakthrough, efforts are still needed

Zverev's Experience, Techniques and Tactics Are All-Round Down To make a bigger breakthrough, efforts are still needed


okbet football games today, the first time to reach the final four of the Grand Slam Alexander Zverev bitterly four sets, or lost to his friend Thiem, missed this year's Australian Open men's singles final. Zverev was not without opportunities in this game, not only won the first set, but also won two sets in the third set, but ultimately missed to reach his first Grand Slam final.

In fact, Zverev's form in this tournament was quite outstanding, reaching the quarterfinals with a record of not losing a set in the first four rounds, and when facing the 2014 champion Wawrinka in the quarterfinals, his unbeaten golden body of "not losing a set" was broken, but he still dominated the game in the last three sets, and after completing the big reversal, he reached the quarterfinals of a Grand Slam for the first time.

But it is undeniable that Zverev has not met a top ten in the world in the first five rounds, and Rublev and Wawrinka are definitely not the top masters now, so when he meets Thiem in the semi-finals, he obviously can no longer take out the cutting and chopping state of the previous rounds. Coupled with the fact that the opponent has reached the Grand Slam final twice, and he is only the first time in the final four, the gap in experience is immediately exposed.

In this game, compared with Thiem's flexible tactics and multi-point blossoming techniques, Zverev's techniques and tactics are too single. He can only deal with his opponent through strong serves, matchmaking on the bottom line and occasional Internet access, even in terms of bottom-line stalemate, Zverev's attack firepower today is slightly thin, just trying to find a way to drag down the opponent, and his positive shot can not play an offensive role most of the time, but has become a soft underbelly in the confrontation.

In addition to technical tactics, experience and psychology are also an important reason for his defeat. In the second and third sets, Zverev once completed the break after being broken first, but still failed to take advantage of the chase, and Thiem dared to shoot decisively at the key moment, Zverev seemed to be a little soft, in the psychological competition in a complete disadvantage, which is particularly evident in the last two sets of the two snatch seven, if in the regular time can barely bite the score, he has been in the seventh but in the rush of the seven has been in passivity, the key moment serve is no longer effective.

So, as his first Grand Slam semi-finalist, Zverev's performance is not too bad, but there is still a considerable gap between what everyone expects of him. From his emergence in 2017, when he defeated Djokovic and Federer to win two Masters titles, to this year's Australian Open reaching the final four of a Grand Slam for the first time, Zverev's growth rate is obviously too slow.

Zverev's previous best performance at a Grand Slam was only the last two consecutive years of reaching the quarterfinals of the French Open, but in these two quarter-finals, his road to advancement was also quite difficult, often passing multiple five-set tests in the first few rounds, and he was gradually surpassed by Medvedev and Tsitsipas behind him. Fortunately, this Australian Open he finally completed the breakthrough of the Grand Slam, although it came a little late, but after all, it still came, he should also see the gap between himself and several other post-90s leaders from this experience, and continue to enrich his technical and tactical system, otherwise the next may still be pulled farther and farther.