Kenning's victory is the epitome of WTA chaos This suspenseful thrill blockbuster can not be loved

Kenning's victory is the epitome of WTA chaos This suspenseful thrill blockbuster can not be loved


[okbet casinos]Muguruza and Kenning will play a decisive battle, one is a non-seeded player, the other is the best result in the second round of the Australian Open, in the face of such a championship battle, we have to sigh, in the prediction of the Grand Slam women's singles champion above, all experts are bricks, and in the case of everyone has a chance to win the championship, whether the WTA is still worthy of our attention, in the women's tennis world where everyone has a chance, what can we see?

Admittedly, for the once-motionless Serena vs. Sava, or Li Na and Azarenka's fighting style, are unforgettable memories of fans, so seeing non-seeded players and players who have never reached the third round of the Australian Open compete for the title, they will think that such a decisive battle is very watery, and in fact, with the retirement of Li Na, Woz and Radwanska, Sava is gradually moving away from the top ranks, Serena's dominance is gradually weakened, and the signature stars of the women's tennis world are few and far between, there is no big name to win, and in the hearts of fans, it is a rookie pecking.

But everything has two sides, the men's tennis world is still controlled by Djokovic, Nadal and Federer, the giants are respectable, but there is also aesthetic fatigue after watching more, just like Becker said, you don't want to see the 45-year-old Federer can beat players who are half their age. Compared with the men's tennis world or the giant, WTA has long entered the era of a hundred flowers, can not say which is good, which is bad, but one thing is certain, today's women's tennis is still worth your stop and watch.

First of all, the situation that is not the only one or several people will prompt more WTA girls to go all out, fight for championships and honors, and when players are more involved, they will play more positive roles in promoting the development of WTA. And from the fan's point of view, when Halep finally reached the top after too many tests, when Woz broke the Grand Slam championship drought before retiring, when Andreescu made history for Canadian tennis, and naomi Osaka became the light of Asia after Li Na, like life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what the next piece will taste, fans don't know who the next champion is, playing is excitement, heartbeat and freshness, such a Grand Slam is full of suspense.

Yes, who could have predicted that Kenning would win the championship, even before the decisive battle, many people were optimistic about the more experienced Muguruza, but Kenning completed the seemingly impossible character, and last year she was still a second round player at the Australian Open, which is a realistic version of Cinderella's fairy tale of becoming a princess. Seeing that last year's second round of players are now upgraded to Grand Slam champions, I believe that other players will also fight to the end in future Grand Slam tournaments, everyone faces a huge temptation, knows that the opportunity is in their own hands, when everyone fights so hard, how can such a WTA event not be wonderful? For fans, the current WTA event is like a suspense blockbuster, the plot is reversed and reversed, and it can not be paid attention to.

In short, Kenning is a black to the end, which is also the epitome of the chaos in today's WTA tennis world. It is undeniable that without the tennis world of Xiao Wei, Sava and Li Na, it is true that the starlight is somewhat dim, but from another point of view, the women's Grand Slam is a hero in the chaotic world, who can dominate the world, which is also the biggest point of view.