Tim's defeat is still the first big heart of the post-90s to help him get infinitely closer to his dream

Tim's defeat is still the first big heart of the post-90s to help him get infinitely closer to his dream


okbet soprts news, in the attention-catching Australian Open men's singles final, although Thiem fought hard to defeat Djokovic in five sets, but he was able to stubbornly steal two sets from the hands of the 7-time champion in adversity, and his performance still impressed everyone.

In the first set of today's game, Thiem was completely suppressed by the opponent, the first serve of the opening game was broken, although the set achieved a breakback, but after sending a break point at the end of the set, he still let him hand over the first set. Just when everyone thought that the game was going to develop in the imaginary direction again, Tim survived with perseverance, not only did not give up, but let go of his hands and feet when he was behind, dared to shoot decisively when the opportunity ball came, and did not flinch when facing the break point, it was his courageous and fearless spirit that gradually pulled himself back from the edge of the cliff.

After the first break in the second set, Thiem's confidence increased greatly, and his advantage in the bottom line was gradually displayed, first the front shot began to recover its power, and after winning the second set, his back shot also gradually played out the feeling, which made him gradually change the situation on the field from a balance of power to an advantage, during this time he played the king of Melbourne Deyo a little embarrassed, and in the second set Tim actually made a 4-0 start.

In the second and third sets, Thiem was completely ahead of Djokovic in the grasp of key points, which not only showed that he had trained a big heart that could rival the Big Three, but also showed that his current self-confidence had come to a very high level. Another particularly noteworthy is Thiem's bravery, whether he is leading or behind, he is never soft, fully insisting on his offensive style of play, creating considerable psychological pressure on Djokovic.

It is no accident that Thiem was able to play in the final, whether it was the first set behind against Nadal in the quarterfinals, or the first set loss against Zverev in the semi-finals to complete the reversal, all of which show that Thiem's steely will is really frightening, which is not only second to none in the new generation of the post-90s generation, but also completely undefeated against the Big Three.

The reason why Tim was able to practice this skill was precisely in the past with the giants again and again, in fact, in the past five encounters with Deyo, he has won four victories; From 2016 to this year, he beat Nadal for five consecutive years; Last year in Indian Wells, his first Masters title was a victory over Federer, so his strong performance today is not accidental, not luck, but naturally.

What's even more frightening is that Thiem was originally regarded as a clay expert, but his performance on the hard ground is now in the upper echelons, and his overall improvement speed and his psychological and experience growth are equally amazing, reaching the Grand Slam final three times, each time taking one more set than the last time, maybe the next time it will really be his turn to win the title with three sets! He is also fully worthy of the title of "the first person after 90"!