Djokovic Hardcore Grand Slam Equals Federer The King of Impact Hardcover has a big advantage

Djokovic Hardcore Grand Slam Equals Federer The King of Impact Hardcover has a big advantage


Djokovic won his 11th hard court Grand Slam title

Okbet news Djokovic defeated Thiem in the Australian Open men's singles final, lifted the championship trophy in Melbourne Park for the eighth time, and continued to maintain his undefeated golden body here, and this is also his 11th hard-court Grand Slam champion, officially equaling Federer!

Fernard is the undisputed big three in men's tennis, and also the top three of the greatest male players in the Open era, and all three of them have their own "back gardens", of which Nadal won a total of 12 titles at the French Open, not only the first person in the history of the French Open, but also the record for the largest number of single-event championships in history; Federer, on the other hand, has a total of eight Wimbledon titles, the largest number of Wimbledon titles in history.

And Djokovic? In fact, before this year, he had been in the number one position of the Australian Open champion several times. When he won his fifth Australian Open title in 2015, he had already surpassed Federer in the first place, and in 2016 he added another to get the sixth, continuing to lead. However, with Federer winning consecutive titles in 2017 and 2018, he also equaled Djokovic's record of six crowns, making the two go hand in hand in the number of Australian Open titles.

However, Deyo made a comeback in 2019, beating Nadal in the final, winning the Australian Open for the seventh time, and once again surpassing Federer as the first person in the Australian Open. Although there are more than seven championships, but this is only one more than Federer behind him, obviously not completely "insurance", and after another championship this year, it can be said that Djokovic's advantage over Federer is quite obvious, just like the French Open to Nadal, Wimbledon to Federer, now we can completely call the Australian Open "Djokovic Grand Slam"!

In addition, with the addition of three US Open champions, Deyo's hard court Grand Slam number also reached 11, equaling Federer's record (6 Australian Open + 5 US Open), because Djokovic is six years younger than Federer, so with the advantage of this age, he still hopes to surpass Federer and become the real "king of hard courts" in history.