The big three grand slams have been down 13 cities in a row, and the first one after the 90s is still out of reach

The big three grand slams have been down 13 cities in a row, and the first one after the 90s is still out of reach


despite the stubborn sniper attack of opponent Tim, Djokovic still defended his "King of the Australian Open", lifting the Norman Brooklyn Challenger Cup for the eighth time, and his victory also means that since the 2017 Australian Open, the "Big Three" Fernard has played 13 consecutive cities in the Grand Slam arena!

The last non-"Big Three" player who was able to win the Grand Slam was Wawrinka in the 2016 US Open, and as for the new Grand Slam winner on the men's tennis world, it was still the 2014 US Open champion Cilic, that is to say, the men's tennis world has not produced a new Grand Slam winner for five years, and the first Grand Slam in the 20s is still one of the big three laughing to the end.

What's even more frightening is that this is the 14th consecutive Grand Slam that has fallen into the hands of 30+ veterans, and the last under-30 player to win the championship was Murray at Wimbledon in 2016, but he was also 29 years old at the time. In addition, this Australian Open is Djokovic's fifth Grand Slam after the age of 30, tying Nadal and tied for the first place in the Open, while Federer is second with four. Djokovic also became the first male player to win the title in three different eras ('00s, '10s and '20s) in the Open era.

Many people are looking forward to seeing a new atmosphere at the beginning of the 20s, but Deyo's tenacious persistence still makes everyone's hopes disappointed, and it seems that the men's tennis world is still the world of "old people". In this 2020, the first batch of post-90s will enter the age of thirty, but their first men's singles Grand Slam champion is still delayed, from Raonic to Medvedev to Thiem, only these three people have reached the final of the Grand Slam after 90.

Thiem is undoubtedly the best one, this Australian Open is his third grand slam final, and he has done better than the last time. From the 2018 French Open in Nadal's hands, to the French Open from Nadal last year, to the Australian Open seven-time champion Djokovic djokovic forced to the decider this time, Thiem has done better than once, and he is indeed very close to the final title.

However, the closer it is, the more difficult it is to break through, think about Murray, after losing the first four finals, only in the fifth set to achieve his dream, so Tim should not be discouraged, but should see hope from these experiences, and he now has the ability to hit the championship at the same time in both clay and hard courts, he also has more possibilities than others, maybe next time he can get three sets?