Federer's Australian Open has repeatedly interpreted the old and the strong to maintain a healthy future can still be expected

Federer's Australian Open has repeatedly interpreted the old and the strong to maintain a healthy future can still be expected

okbet roulette online mnl news, the world's attention of the Australian Open men's singles semifinals, Federer with injury, lost three sets to Djokovic, but even so, the Swiss play in the game is still remarkable, especially in the first set has achieved a 5-2 lead, but also got the serve to win the set, once caused quite a big trouble for Djokovic.

Although he did not participate in any warm-up matches this year to land at the Australian Open, Federer still showed a terrifying state in the first two rounds, reaching the round of 32 with a record of not losing a set. In the third round, when facing Millman, who had beaten himself in a Grand Slam, Federer was once again dragged into a bitter battle by his opponents, but he still showed his championship temperament when he fell behind 14-8 in the decider and was only two goals away from losing, and finally won by six consecutive points.

Coming to the quarterfinals against Sandgren, Federer faced a more difficult situation than the third round, not only encountered seven final points of the opponent, but also accidentally injured his groin in the game, and his movement was greatly affected at one point, which made people very worried that he could not hold on and retire. However, Federer gritted his teeth and fulfilled his promise of "never retiring from the game", returning after a brief period of treatment, and then biting the score little by little.

In the end, Federer miraculously saved all seven end-of-race points, completed a stunning reversal, and escaped in two five-set battles! As a 38-year-old veteran, able to survive two five-set battles, but also in the face of such a dangerous situation, Federer's insistence on not giving up makes everyone moved, which not only shows his super self-confidence and beyond the big heart of ordinary people, but also shows his sportsmanship that does not give up until the last moment, which is why he can become the "great Federer", and he has become a model for everyone.


In addition to the spiritual level worthy of admiration and learning, Federer also proved that he still has great potential in terms of technology and tactics. In this semi-final with Djokovic, although he came with an injury, his opening performance was still amazing, he greatly used his advantage in fast pace, and let Djokovic fall into his own trap from the beginning, although Djokovic has the strongest bottom line on the surface, but on the rhythm change, Federer is still the first person today, and his various cutting shorts, rotation changes, and interceptions in front of the net are dazzling.

In addition, although Federer is 38 years old, he is not satisfied with eating the old money, and his skills and tactics after the age of 30 are still constantly changing. The backhand that has been criticized in the past has obviously increased in aggression after 2017, which is not only the reason why he was able to win consecutive victories against Nadal on the hard ground, but also the reason why he was able to bite the score with Deyo today when he was unwell, so that Deyo's strategy of frequent attacks on backhands was no longer fully effective.

In terms of his best serve, Federer still maintains a high standard today, and in his match with Djokovic today, he played 26 winning points in the first set alone, and his aggression is still second to none in men's tennis. If Federer's physical condition is better, the victory or defeat of today's game may be difficult to predict, and I believe that after he has raised his body, he can still do a lot this year, whether it is at Wimbledon, the Olympic Games or the US Open.