Why Are Electric Smokers Better Than Charcoal?

Food, our primary need, has gone through a drastic change over time. There was a time when eating was done for a living, just for living. But now, the ‘taste’ has made food look like how it is today. So many dishes, so many flavors, and so many cooking techniques! With such a wide range and variety of food and its making, it’s easy to be the culinary king, at least at one’s home! Electric smokers are also a part of modern cooking. But, it’s often compared and proved inferior with the charcoal. Yes, charcoal, the old way to smoke your meat. No doubt, it yields great taste, but electric smokers are no less. There are many points to consider before arriving at any conclusion.
Let’s have a look.

1. How big are they?

First of all, you decide, do you want to spend all day cooking outdoor? Charcoal would make you do that because of its significant size, constant air requirement, and space needed for all its assets. But electric smokers acquire very less space in comparison to the charcoal. Its heat is monitored by electronic devices, so not so much need for air. Its heating element wants so less space than the wood and other things in charcoal to do. Moreover, the cook needs further space for maneuvering the wood for smoke. And all this can never be done indoor. That’s why, for indoor smoking of meat without any hassle, Bradley electric smokers are far better than charcoal. They are already small in size and don’t need any more space for their connecting parts.

2. Their fuel consumption and working.

Charcoal smokers work on wood and your cooking style. While electric smokers are known as ‘cold smokers’ because of their maximum temperature being around 350 degree Celsius, charcoal doesn’t stand at a constant heat and need a patient cook. One has been accessible throughout the cooking procedure with the charcoal to get the required result. Whereas, the electric provides you with much ease as it is automated. With an electric smoker, there are no logs to split, no fuel to stress about.

3. Your time and effort.

If you are free enough to sit freely all day and cook your food over charcoal with constant stirring of logs and to maintain the temperature, then go for the Weber Performer Premium Charcoal Grill. Otherwise, there is practically no reason to use coal in your busy schedule. Not only that, the ash it will produce and the dirt that will stick to your hands, is not a thing to ignore. The amount of effort you’ll put into your cooking, same is a number of after-cooking chores with charcoal. On the other hand, an electric smoker will give you ample time to complete your other pending works while it will work over your meat by itself.

4. Popularity

Charcoal being the conventional source of smoking is practiced by many people. But as the new technology comes every day with easy accessibility to everyone, people are more happy with electric smokers as they are easy to use, and cheap too. One can get a basic model at around $100, making it the first choice for many apartment dwellers.

So, what’s our conclusion? Having seen so many advantageous points of electric smokers over charcoals, we’re in no doubt that electric smokers are better when it comes to natural and safe cooking and that too, indoors.
So, what are you waiting for? Go and grab one electric smoker for yourself and enjoy your culinary art!

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