How to Use an A-Maze-N Pellet Smoker to Its Fullest

Take your A-maze-n pellet smoker tray out and in it put 1lb of your wood pellets, if you wish to go for less time then only fill the first 2 rows but if you wish to use it for 10 – 12 hours then fill all 3.
Christmas surprise people – no more babysitting, yes you heard me right with AMNPS you don’t have to babysit your smoker. You’re free to go and enjoy your freedom.

All you have to do with AMNPS is play your favorite button game, set the temperature and go enjoy.

The above-mentioned point has something else also, see if you have an electric smoker with a Bluetooth or a remote you would feel like a free bird.

All you need to do is use your Traeger Pellet Grill smoker tray, put pellets on it, set the temperature and leave.
For the beginning set the temperature at 220 degrees.

It’s time you light your AMNPS, use propane lighter or if you wish to use a butane you can. light only one side, ever tried a cigar? If yes then blow it the way you blow your cigar and once you feel that it’s lit properly then just blow on it. I’m not a mad person I m asking you to blow on it to see if it’s properly lit. see if it’s lit properly it would ignite into the fire, if not you need to lit it again, lighting it properly is very important.

Do use a glove while lighting it as the tray would get hot and you would get harmed.

It’s time you put your AMNPS anywhere in the smoker (the bottom part).

On the above shelf put some foil so that the drippings of the meat don’t fall on the hot pellets.

Do remove the chip tube, allows air in.

Once you remove the chip tube your pellets would light for enough time and you would get the perfect amount of smoke required.

If you want more of the smoke then you can have but I would recommend you to be happy with what you have got because if you would get more of it then it would turn a bit nasty.

Things that you need to keep in your mind –

  • Don’t forget the foil or else all of the dripping would directly hit the hot pellets and later on, you would complain that the pellets you used were not of good quality or you would say you have been cheated on.
  • Never ever forget about removing the chip tube, removing it is very important as for smoke you need enough of the smoke and if you don’t get enough of the smoke you simply don’t get the amount of smoke you desire for.
  • If you keep certain things in your mind before using your smokers you end up smiling and I believe that’s the best thing, isn’t it? What the use of working very hard and getting no results or getting bad results. Before doing anything in life do the planning think about the do’s and don’ts.

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