10 Bar Rules You Must Follow!

Bars are the places where everyone hangs out and where friends are made. Bars are built with rules that cause no problems for the desired crowd, but a lot of problems for undesirables. It is important to remember our manners at a bar, just as we would at any social establishment. Here are 10 rules you should know about being a good bar patron.

1. Do Not Mistreat Anyone, especially bartender

First, people assume that the bartenders aren’t on their level. But on the contrary, the bartenders are smart individuals who know about mixing drinks better than you do. Wait for your turn like everybody else and be polite. There is no better way to get a good drink than being the nice person in a sea of jackasses.

2. Drink Responsibly.

When they check your ID, they expect that your legal age means you can drink responsibly. Of course, they are constantly proven wrong. Know how to enjoy alcohol instead of letting alcohol take control of you. So, know your limits and drink accordingly.

3. Do Not Beg For More Drinks If You Are Cut Off.

Being cut off doesn’t mean they want you to immediately leave the bar. But, they would rather give you some water, maybe some coffee to help you get sober before you leave. But please, don’t beg for more drinks.

4. Never, Ever Ask For Free Drinks.

While many experienced patrons, with the right combination of frequency and tips have got a round on the house, these are not the favours that should ever be asked. The bartender is not running a local alcohol donation center, so pay for what you drink.

5. Know What You Want.

Be ready with your order as soon as you get the bartender’s attention. Don’t just stand there and ask the bartender to wait. Nobody has got time to wait for your order.

6. Know What Kind Of Bar You Are At

If you are looking to sit at the bar and have a conversation with your buddies, don’t go to a popular bar on a Friday night. Order your drinks appropriately and in accordance with the bar you are at.

7. One Tab Per Night.

Keep your tab open until you are absolutely sure that you are done, and then close it all at once. If you are with a group of friends, figure out who is paying and work the rest out between yourselves. The bartender doesn’t want to use five credit cards to close out a $30 tab.

8. Don’t Ask To “Make It Strong”

The bartender knows what he/she is doing and so does the bar manager who creates the drinks. If you aren’t willing to pay for the extra few ml pour, please don’t ask for it.

9. Don’t Steal Garnishes.

If your drink doesn’t have enough lime juice, just ask the bartender for some more. If you are hungry, politely request for some snacks. A bartender might not say anything if you help yourself, but he or she won’t be happy with you.

10. And For Heaven’s Sake, Tip Well.

This is by far the most important rule on this list. Always tip at least $1 per drink. Even if the bartender just cracked open a beer for you, you still owe him a $1 tip. For more complicated drinks or a tab, it is recommended to tip at least 20 percent of the bill.

Grab a drink and keep your head and standards high.

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