Here Come New Ideas for Barbecue Seasoning!

In the United States, barbecues initially involved the cooking of pork. Today, every state in the United States has its version of barbecues – it is used for beef at some places, for mutton at other, and for pork at yet other places. Barbecue techniques are used for smoking, roasting and even braising meat. Whatever be the purpose of barbecue, it would lack depth without seasoning. Seasoning can be a discreet entity when it comes to barbecue, and it is evolving with every passing moment which ensures a flood of ideas. Here, in this particular article, we would primarily focus on new generic ideas for barbecue seasoning.

1. All-Purpose Barbecue Seasoning

All purpose seasoning is an amazing basic seasoning that can be used for any food. It is considered as an adaptable seasoning since it can be used as a base seasoning for building your own eponymous or signature seasonings on. There are dozens of it available in stores. This seasoning idea finds salvation everywhere.

2. Simple Barbecue Spice Rub

Barbecue seasoning is also denominated as barbecue rub. Some things are beautiful when they are simple. Similarly, a simple barbecue rub is a great idea when it comes to the scarcity of available bases. Simple seasonings can be carved out of spices available at hand, such as your home food arsenal – brown sugar, paprika, black pepper, salt, chili powder, garlic powder, onion powder, cayenne pepper. An articulate and deliberate mixture of such spices can be used as a simple, everyday seasoning. This mix can be stored in air-tight containers or sealed in packages and refrigerated for preservation.

3. Classic Barbecue Rub

Certain classic spices can be used to create a seasoning mix that is widely suitable for barbecues. Elizabeth Karmel’s website www.girlsatthegrill.comis deluged with such seasoning recipes. Such seasonings, as the name suggests, consist of classic barbecue ingredients and flavors such as salt, spice, sweet and smoky. These seasonings are considered well compatible with ribs and work remarkably good with pork, chicken, tenderloin and even catfish.

4. Salt-free seasonings

Salt free seasoning is a great idea when we consider a salt free diet. Surprisingly, there is more than fifty salt-free barbecue rubs available online. This particular rub is also appropriate as a base seasoning. Sugar-free rubs are also available. In fact, it is possible to have a seasoning that is free of certain minerals too.

5. Barbecue Specific Seasoning

We have discussed quite a few basic seasonings, now under this heading, barbecue-specific seasoning would be discussed. Barbecue specific seasonings are specifically handcrafted for a target food such as chicken and seafood. Target specific seasoning ensures that its base food material tastes just as it should. It comprises of special spice blends that significantly enhance the flavor of your barbecue. Such a one can be grabbed in stores for about $7. Apart from providing a specific taste, such seasonings save hours of labor required to prepare rubs.

6. Create your signature seasoning

Sometimes one might consider starting from scratch. No matter how much universal a base rub can be, there will be certain incompatibilities with the final seasoning. This can be minimized by creating your signature seasoning from scratch. If you have an understanding of blending spices, it is highly recommended to build an idea rather than building on others’.

As mentioned before, seasoning ideas are unending because there are innumerable signature rubs available. Nevertheless, the listed ideas are a generic form of those rub recipes. When you have read this article, there is no point in waiting. Your barbecue grill is waiting for you, it’s been long deprived of company. Bend its way and cook your way to perfection!

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